GESSentials: Home Office

As you all know coronavirus continues its romp around the globe and we are all stuck at home with an amazing full-range of distractions (and yes, I personally open the fridge about a zillion of times per day and watch the cars pass by). As someone that get’s quite easily distracted, I am here to give a couple of tips from the internet that could be helpful to set the most productive environment at home. 

  • Five tips for staying productive and mentally healthy by Time magazine.
  • A Buzz Feed article (because of the gifs)
  • How to work from home article from the Verge.
  • A great article from Wired on how not to loose your mind while working from home.

… and of you have some time to spare here are some great podcasts to listen to: 

So do not forget to try to schedule your days (wear pants on zoom calls) and make sure you take time for yourself and relax!

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