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About GESS Who!

The student association was founded in spring 2013 by students of the D-GESS Department from the ETH. GESSWho! was created with the objective to represent students in their relationship with the different Institutes within the ETH, the D-GESS Department and the VSETH. The goals and the structure of GESS Who! can be found in the Articles of Association (German only).

Our mission

More precisely, GESS Who! core mission is to represent the interests of GESS students, foster the community among the different programs and provide resources and social events that are student-centered. In addition, we collaborate with the different student representatives and their respective tasks, whether that is at the teaching committee or the department conference. Overall, our main tasks concern:

– We organise cultural and networking events, parties and other social events. This task is mainly handled by our culture team.

– General administrative duties are undertaken by the GESS Who! board. The specifics can be found in the meeting minutes of our monthly meetings.

– Collaboration with the elected student representatives is encouraged. They are an essential proxy for the students in the different teaching Committees and the Department Conference from D-GESS. For more information, on the teaching committee of your respective program, please consult here.

How do I become a member of the GESS Who! 

In order to become a member of GESS Who!, students from the D-GESS department are required to be official members of the VSETH. This can be done by paying the membership fee of 10 CHF every semester. Simply go to mystudies when signing up for the new semester and check the box ”VSETH Membership” which will appear in the online registration portal. After the registration period has ended, you can still become a member by paying the membership fees directly at the VSETH office.

Your membership money enables us to provide awesome services and activities to our members!

Der Fachverein Gess Who! wurde im Frühjahr des Jahres 2013 von Studierenden des D-GESS Departements gegründet. Ziel des Fachvereins ist die Vertretung der Studierenden gegenüber den Instituten und des Departements sowie Mitsprache in den relevanten Gremien sowohl des D-GESS als auch des VSETHs. Nebst der Hochschulvertretung will der Gess Who! das soziale und akademische Leben am D-GESS bereichern und den Austausch zwischen den Studierenden fördern.